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The Media Blitz Continues

August 6, 2009

In addition to working hard to improve Zen, I’ve also been talking about it to anyone that will listen. 🙂 I’ve been fortunate enough to be featured on a few podcasts over the past few weeks to discuss lean, kanban, and Zen:

First, Scott Hanselman had me on Hanselminutes in mid-July. This conversation was a quick introduction about lean and kanban, with a few tidbits about Zen sprinkled in. I already mentioned this before, but the post was a 30-second-hurry-up-and-publish-and-then-get-back-to-grinding-out-code, so I figured I’d do it a bit more justice. 🙂

Then, the guys at Herding Code had me on to talk about the technology behind Zen, and the process of launching a company. This turned into a great conversation, although I wasn’t quite lucid by the end. (I’m not sure you can tell by listening, but I’d put in 16 hours that day and by the end of recording, it was 1:30AM EST!)

Last, but certainly not least, I was featured on .NET Rocks, where I talked with Carl and Richard about the idea behind Zen and my best understanding of lean and kanban. This was the first time I was on .NET Rocks, and I think it turned into a great conversation.

That’s all the podcasts that I’ve recorded so far, and without something new to talk about, I’m not sure I want to do too many more. I’m sure the audiences of the podcasts overlap, and by now I must be starting to annoy people. If so, sorry about that! 🙂

Anyhow, a huge thanks to the hosts of the podcasts, and everyone that listened. I’m obviously excited about this stuff, and I hope after listening to me ramble, others get excited about it too.


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  1. Nate,

    Watched them all except the .net rocks, will check it out. Is there any possibility of you doing a walkthrough of Zen using it like you normally would on any given day? I’ve got ideas and things I’ve been using it for, but I’d love to see how you use it in everyday life.


  2. Christof Jans permalink

    A bit off topic, but when is Ninject 2.0 coming out of beta ?

  3. Josh permalink

    They don’t seem to overlap too much because each podcast goes about their questions differently. I really like the herding code interview because they went more in depth with the technology and code.

    You should do the circuit again when Ninject 2.0 is released!

  4. Nate – listened to the dotnetrocks interview at the weekend and was interested to hear someone else with a sceptical approach to up-front estimation.

    What I really wanted to mention, though was that I think you may have created a new meme – the transcript talks about avoiding MS Project because you don’t want to have to create a “gaunt shark” – that’s going to keep me chuckling through the next few planning meetings.

    Best of luck with Zen, I’m going to give it another look when I get back to the office – and start dropping “subtle” hints.

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